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It Implementation for Procomm Technology Solutions, an It Consulting Company

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Information Technology Implementation Plan for ProComm Technology Solutions, an IT Consulting Company
George Lisboa Jr.
American Public University System

Companies must constantly search for new advantages, make smart entrepreneurial decisions, and orchestrate strategic change in order to stay ahead of the competition. Most of the world’s leading companies make regular use of consulting services to help them build and strengthen their competitive advantages. In responding to uncommon situations or those not previously encountered, companies often do not have the time, expertise, or experience to develop solutions or prepare important decisions internally. In situations that go beyond the day-to-day IT management of the company, an IT consulting firm can be highly valuable. Experienced consultants can help facilitate and drive a major endeavor. Outside experts can also serve as a functioning partner, challenging management with a keen, impartial view.
This paper attempts to analyze the IT implementation requirements of an IT consulting company and the services offered, products served and the clients that need them. The IT requirement needs of this business is a collection of facts, resources, ideas, planning methods and processes that form the basis of a business plan implementation. In researching this paper, I have compiled resources from various books, literature and journals that enabled me to put together the IT requirement needs of an IT consulting firm which will provide highly qualified information technology services to leading companies and organizations. As a result of completing the paper, I have learned that building a company and implementing its’ IT requirements is a tall order. It requires much insight into business processes and methodologies, information systems, management metrics, IT processes, customer relations, etc....

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