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IT infrastructure plan for Clean Energy and Network Efficiency Project, Ceylon Electricity Board. General Description of our project is going to do 33 kV High Voltage Tower Line construction works from Akkaraipatru Gantry to Pothuvil Gantry and Galmadu Gantry to Akkaraipatru.

Main Tasks in our project:
 Route Identification
 Showing Routes to Divisional Cultivate Officers, Grama Niladari

ICT policy
• Policy set outs for coordinating and monitoring project works easily by using new technologies.

Identification of ICT requirements deploy them for the Operations

1. Route Identification: We select our tower line route by using Google Earth. After that do preliminary surveying. When do surveying, he put mark on the trees and road crossing points. According to our requirements, need one PC with internet facilities to select route, draw maps in the AutoCAD from surveying points.

2. Showing Routes to Divisional Cultivate Officers, Grama Niladari: We want to get permission from Public to draw line to their private lands and want to get permission from Divisional Secretary to draw line through Government lands. Because of that we need land owners details to get their permission. So we show routes to Cultivate officers to get paddy land owners and show routes to Gram Niladari to get private lands. Because of this, we have to provide Mobile phones to our workers (2 mobile phone with sim) to communicate with others and GPS tool (Global Positioning System) to identify the route.

Plan on the hardware and software and human capital configurations

• Route Identification : Following Items are required
1. One PC
2. Internet Facility – Dongle with sim
3. AutoCAD Licensed Software
4. Draughtsman – 1 no
• Showing Routes to Divisional Cultivate Officers, Grama Niladari
1. Mobile phone : 2 no’s
2. GPS tool

Prepare a specifications sheet for the required IT items and the tentative budget

Route Identification One Laptop Rs.135000 Internet Facility – Dongle with sim Rs.7000 Draughtsman – 1 no Rs.45000 AutoCAD Licensed Software Rs.640000 Budget Rs.786500

Showing Routes to Divisional Cultivate Officers, Grama Niladari Mobile phone – 2 nos Rs.10000 GPS tool Rs.35000 Budget Rs.45000

Total Budget: Rs.831500

What are the measurable outcomes of this efforts?

• Route identification:
 Less time period will take to select route by using Google earth. We can easily find rivers, forest areas and Mountains by using Google Earth.
 Easily draw route maps by using AutoCAD. It will only consume less time. And also can modify any time.
• Showing Routes to Divisional Cultivate Officers, Grama Niladari:
 Can easily find line route by using GPS tool.

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