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It Infrastructure Manager

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ANYIDOHO RAPHAEL FOSTER, B.Sc. (Physics). MBA (IT Management), ITILv3, ECSS, PRINCE2 (Foundation) & MEMBER ISACA
| |
|permanent addrss : P.O.Box MD 287 madina, accra ghana |
|Phone +233-020-2019870/027-7451537/024-2770807/026-2770807 |

Date of Birth: 24TH June 1971 Nationality: Ghanaian Gender: Male Marital Status: Married

Summary of Work Experience

• Experience in LAN/WAN Design, Installation and Implementation. • Conversant With Windows NT/Unix Systems Administration • Experience In Windows 2000/2003 Systems Administration • Good Working Knowledge In TCP/IP • Experience In Configuring And Installing Electronic Mailing System • Experience In Microsoft Exchange Server 2000/Microsoft Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2003 • Experience In Configuring And Installing Intel/Alpha Based Servers • Experience in providing Technical support to the following software’s; a. Microbanker b. Flex cube ver. 3.2, 4.6 and 11.2 c. Money gram d. Western Union e. Orfeo

Personal Profile

• A self-motivated person who achieves set goals. With varied work experience l am well suited and adaptable to different roles: able to work as an individual, team leader or member. • Possessing excellent interpersonal skills, which enable me to...

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