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1.Week 6 DQ 1 - Sarrel Article
As the power information and communication technology continues to increase, most of the firms have realized the benefits that can be accrued from using this kind of infrastructure and therefore have employed diverse technologies to implement it. They have realized that IT is not there just to support the activities of the firm but has been distinguished as a pillar to most firms, without which the business cannot successfully manage to continue in the face of competition and also emerging technologies. Most firms have put in place complex infrastructure depending on their size of the firm and also the type of information that is held and transmitted across the network. It is the responsibility of the top management of the organization to liaise with the chief information officer so that the information technology governance can be discussed to chart the way forward on how IT infrastructure should be guarded (Sarrel, 2006).The reason behind guarding the Infrastructure is to protect one of the most crucial resource of the firm which is information or data. This data or information may include trade secrets of the firm which pose a great risk if they were to be accessed by the competitors.
Firewall has been identified as one of the key behind successful protection of the firm’s information. A firewall is composed of two main parts. That is, both the hardware and software. The hardware part is the device itself which is installed with the program or the software that has the instruction on how it should handle the incoming and the outgoing information. Generally a firewall is used to block information from a specific source .This may be a specified IP address. It is also used to prevent employees within a private network from accessing some sites. Sarrel suggest using a demilitarized zone to safeguard the private network from attacks…...

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