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It Is a Blessing Being a Student

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Republic of the Philippines
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“It is a blessing to be a student”

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Zeffrey Jon M. Aleta

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Ms. Macee A. Agapito

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November 28, 2014
Being a student is one of the most memorable moments of your life. Everyday there is something new; it’s either learning new things or having new friends. You’ll get to spend fourteen years of your life studying, copying notes on the board, taking exams for your grades and having problem every week because of your tasks. It is normal when you’re having hard time because of pressure, tense and stress; however, you need to surpass this if you want to have a better life in your future. If you want to become more successful than you wish for you need to study harder than you are now; but have you even asked yourself what are the blessings of being a student. Every single day is a blessing even if it is the worst day of your life there will be a blessing. Every day we see different people with different personalities in different places. Some of them are familiar or you are close with. Some of them are your parents, friends, professor, enemy, and most of them are strangers. Those are the examples of blessings of being a student; you meet different people that may help you build up who you are.
Friend is a person who you like and enjoy being with. If you are a student you’ll meet different kinds of friends for example; that one friend who keeps your secret, that one friend who wants to take pictures with you and that one friend who’s crazy. I said that they are blessings because they give meaning into your life, they make you special. They are blessings because they make you happy and that’s one definition of blessing, something that helps you or brings happiness. Your professor in every subject or course is also a...

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