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It Is Easier to Maintain Health in the Modern World Than in the Past.

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Health is important to human beings, since only by keeping a healthy body can people do thing whatever they want. As the technology is progressing, the awareness of people, and the occurrences of more and more organic foods, I strongly believe that it is easier to maintain health in the modern world than in the past.

First of all, with the development of technology has advanced, more and more food supplements sold in the market, such as vitamin A, C, E or omega 3, 5, 7…etc. Hence, it is easier to complement the nutrition in the body. Take me for instance. I always eat vitamin C and fish oil every day in case that I do not obtain enough nutrition from foods. Moreover, the medical equipment is much better than the old times. Even if people have injuries or infect serious disease in the modern world, body can be cured by taking the medicine or using the medical equipment. Hence, it is better to say that maintaining health is easier now than the past.

Secondly, the occurrences of organic foods made human beings more easily to keep a healthy body. For instance, my neighbor Jean is the wholesaler of organic food. She often gives my family a lot of vegetables, fruits, and eggs that are planted or fed on without using pesticides. Besides, there are many super markets that only sold organic foods instead, such as Trader Joe’s. Therefore, it is easy to maintain health, for organic foods are simple to acquire everywhere.

Finally, it is rather to say that people are more aware of health than people are easier to maintain health. As people are more civilized and more educated, they care more about health issues now than the past. Consequently, as people continue to focus on health issues, for example, doing research or analyzing health level, the knowledge of health can be accumulated, thus leading people to maintain health more easily and live in a more...

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