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Basalo, Jhane Diane L.
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Chapter 1
The Problem and Its Scope 1.1 Introduction
The world is constantly changing through the widespread availability of information and communication technologies that led to utmost capacity for dissemination of knowledge and information. The IT revolution has improved the economic growth and productivity thus, increasing demand for the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry drove the establishment and infrastructure of many IT parks and centres. IT parks in the Philippines are solid indicators of progress, both in the technological and economic spheres, because of their competitive workforce and multilingual abilities that most multinational companies would prefer to reach out.
The Department of Science and Technology-Information and Communications Technology office (DOST-ICT) together with the private sector, like Farlis Development Corporation, is pushing for the improvement of the industry in the country by working together to attract other companies to engage in offshore outsourcing in the country.
Cordova is a municipality located in the 6th district of Cebu Province in the Philippines. Most of Cordova lies on separate islands off the southern coast of Mactan island connected over three bridges. The emerging development from the neighbouring cities of Cordova will soon overflow in the municipality. Cordova is favourable for investments like IT Park due to a stable peace and order situation with a concrete road pavement. The current rapid increase of local or foreign investors and tourists urges the establishment of an IT Park and the need for means of entertainment and relaxation to cater their interests.
In line with DOST-ICT and private sector’s intention, the researchers aim to create a new ambience for a light industrial eco-zone featuring a resort instead of simply an office building to attract investors and tourists and provide employment making the structure more functional and productive. 1.2 Statement of the Problem
Generally, the study examines the need of providing a light industrial park incorporated with amenities or recreational attraction for innovative ways in the context of job satisfaction and productivity.
Specifically, the study seeks to answer the following questions: 1. What is the role of information and communication technology in an economy? 2. What are the characteristics and conditions of the location? 3.1 Climate 3.2 Land Classification 3.3 Topography 3.4 Soil type 3.5 Slope stability 3.6 Flooding hazard 3. What are the natural resources and potentials of the location? 4.7 Erosion Potential 4.8 Land capability 4.9 Mineral resources 4. What utilities are available in the area? 5.10 Road 5.11 Water 5.12 Power 5.13 Drainage 5.14 Waste Disposal 5.15 Communication 5. What are the existing establishments in the area? 6.16 Industry 6.17 Commerce 6.18 Tourism 6.19 Housing 6. What are the elements and theories to be used in planning a sustainable IT park resort? 7. What is the role of resort in an IT park? 8. What is the overall impact of the development on the cultural and social theory?

1.3 Significance of the Study
The progress of information and technology is becoming increasingly important for economic and social development. It helps to create an enabling environment through job creation that improves knowledge and skills for building human resources, poverty reduction and economic growth. Technology offer immediate connectivity that reduces communication and transaction cost by physical travel and thereby improve productivity.
As the population becomes increasingly urbanized, the demand for attractions which are environmentally friendly is fundamental. The establishment of resort to an IT park defines the character of place and provide opportunities for outdoor relaxation to the end users.

1.4 Definition of Terms
The following terms are defined according to the manner the researchers as Architecture students use the terms in the study.
Development. The process of adding improvements to a parcel of land or the structure itself.
Economic Growth. It is used to describe the increase in the amount of goods and services produced per head of the population over a period of time.
Information and Technology (IT). It refers to the application of technologies such as telecommunications for business that provides employment and global connectivity.
IT Park. It is a place that has been zoned for light industry to reduce pollution especially on residential areas.
Municipality. It is an administrative division having corporate status that has its own government and a native Filipino term for town.
Resort. A place used for relaxation or recreation, attracting visitors for vacation and/or tourism.
Sustainable. The term used referring to a liveable environment that lasts longer and remain productive over the years.

1.5 Scope and Limitations of the Study
The study firmly embodies the land area of Gabi, Cordova where the site is located for the development. The study is conducted from June to October 2014 in the municipality of Cordova, Cebu.
The research study covers the development of IT park resort that will attract investors, local and foreign tourists, and promote industrial growth in terms of employment and productivity. The aspects looked into were the design of resort and other facilities to be integrated, site planning for good circulation around the structures with the configuration of entrance and exit for traffic, and the appropriate architectural elements for aesthetics and sustainability of the building.
The limitations of the approach in the research study is the utilities, the acquisition of numerous companies, and other aspects that are not mentioned in the study. There have been a difficulty upon acquiring the necessary data from public and private sector because of their hectic schedule and the time travel, though it is believed that not all cause detrimental effect in achieving the research objectives and aims. 1.6 Conceptual Framework
The major concept of this study is to focus on the regional economic development of Cordova and its adjacent cities by its pleasing new environment.
Figure 1 shows the relationship of input variables comprised of people involved in the study followed by the process that contains survey, data analysis, and the tools to be used in collecting data. Lastly, the output variables contain the development of Cordova IT Park Resort.

Figure 1. A Conceptual Paradigm 1.7 Organization of the Study
Chapter 1 presents the introduction, importance of the study, statement of the problem, definition of terms and limitations of the study.
Chapter 2 contains the review of related literature and research studies related to the problem being investigated that will help resolve the current issues of study and to approach at a better solutions for the problem.
Chapter 3 encloses the research methodology, procedures of collecting data and the development of instruments with sampling design and statistical treatment of data.
Chapter 4 comprises the result of analysis, presentation and interpretation of data.
Chapter 5 presents the summary of the study, findings, conclusion and recommendations for more study.

Chapter 2

Review of Related Literature and Studies

The previous chapter outlined the background and a brief overview of the study. This study is heavily oriented towards the application of information systems in developing countries, among individuals, in communities, government and business. In this review, the researchers summarizes the current body of knowledge by providing general background and the context of different types of publications, reviews, local literature including its legal basis in relevance to the topic explored in this study. The chapter will also discuss a body of literature in publications, including websites and articles, examining the design, adoption of past solutions, uses and impacts of information and technology parks in the country. 2.1 Related Literature
Kramer and Dedrick (2002) states that there is a consensus among economists that technology innovation and diffusion plays a critical role in stimulating economic growth and productivity. There are also good reasons to expect that investments in IT in particular will promote economic growth.
The idea of developing an IT Park as the centre of IT innovation in the country has become the solid indicators of progress in terms of economic growth and productivity. Cebu is an ideal BPO destination that is positioned to penetrate the emerging market for knowledge process outsourcing with a growing population of professionals and as a favourite tourist destination. Resort is a place designed for an escape or restoration from the world of work and daily care. Resorts have had to adapt to changes in transportation, consumer tastes, demographics, and competition as mentioned by Robert Christie Mill (2008) in the book of Resorts: Management and Operations. It also discussed that an amenity is a rather broad concept that can encompass virtually any feature that is attractive to a given market and thus adds value to land. The two basic reasons for including amenities in a recreational development is to increase the value of the real estate and to get marketing leverage. A well-designed recreational attraction adds credibility to the development and the developer and can aid in attracting guests to a property or customers to a development. In formulating a design solution for the incorporation of resort features into a light industrial park, the researchers must observe and explore the new trends of resort industry corresponding to its environment and social practices. Resort development is an amenity strategy for marketing leverage and basis for profit operation of IT Park as large innovative development in Cordova.
The development of light industrial park resort needs to consider its environment and approach to individuals without hazard. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) cited one of the five principles for Siting and Design of Hotels and Resorts (2012) that where possible, hotels and resorts blend into their natural landscape, enhance it, and use nature as a source of inspiration in design and in operations. Building design, height, orientation and density is guided by the natural setting and local architectural style, in order to reduce visual impact and intrusion while maximizing natural solutions and optimizing cultural integration and identity, especially at more sensitive sites. With the existing type of industry of the Cordova that involves quarrying of Mactan stones, it has become a major problem in the municipality because of the pollution it generates. Therefore, the researchers aim to develop a non-hazardous light industrial park with resort features designed with the application of local architectural style that employs the use of a tropic natural landscape to create a character and identity of the place. The relationship of industry to environment must take considerations on the threats and weaknesses of its built environment to form a positive impact to nature.

2.2 Related Studies
Ramirez (Bartolata, Kim, Lao, Mag-iba, Orbien, and Trajano, 2009), mentioned that the main functions of IT Parks in the Philippines could be seen as providing the environment for investors and firms to develop new technologies and seek profit in the country. The environment that is able to foster a good profit is essential in attracting investors, both local and international. Philippines cost effectives serves as one of the main reasons why foreigner place in their feet to the market. Thus, Philippines with high quality labor can easily assimilate to the professional environment of foreigners. Cordova, Cebu is approximately located in the center of the Visayas Region strengthens the production of the country in terms of business, trade and manpower. The city with the presence of an international airport is capable to facilitate the new technologies and people from all over the world.
Victorina Zosa (2004) stated that Cebu is a tourism gateway in the Philippines. Tourists are drawn by its mix of metropolitan and rural ambience. The presence of hotels, convention centers, cosmopolitan restaurants, and shopping complexes make Cebu an ideal combination for business meetings cum tourism activities. A number of beach resorts, ranging from a five-star to inexpensive category, dot the island.
Since Cordova is adjacent to the city of Cebu it has become a jump-off point for eco-tourism in the country. Thus, the development of resort in an IT park in Cordova is an ideal combination to promote tourism and captive the attention of the investors from both domestic and international. It is suitable to build up a resort not just to attract but also to give a pleasant environment for tourist locally and internationally.


In this chapter summarizes the breadth of methodologies and methods used in research. The researchers present the research instruments used to obtain the data needed and how these data were obtained. This chapter also include the relevant characteristics of the population and the sample size.

3.1 Methods of Research
In this study, the researchers used the descriptive method of research. The present study is also classified as quantitative-qualitative research. The researchers employed research design and methodology to achieve the objectives of this study. 3.2.1 Descriptive Method
The method of research which concerns itself with the present phenomena in terms of conditions, practices, beliefs, processes, relationships or trends. This will provide information of what and who is to be measured. According to Dr. Y.P. Aggarwal (2008) descriptive research is devoted to the gathering of information about prevailing conditions or situations for the purpose of description and interpretation. The present study was concern with the current trends in Information and technology. The descriptive method was the most applicable method to use for this study since it discusses the present developments in IT industry not just in the city but also in the country. The descriptive approach was adopted for collecting data of people involved in the study.

3.2.2 Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Qualitative and Quantitative are clerical tools for collecting data. Clerical tools are used by the researchers to study people and gather data to accomplish the objectives of this study.
Qualitative research is primarily to describe a situation or phenomenon. This rely on different methods in gathering information such as observations and interviews. Observation may be participant and non-participant observation. In this study the researchers used both participant and non-participant observation, since it is applicable in observing the research environment and the subject which includes the respondents. And for interviews, the researchers used an interview schedule. An interview schedule may be done face to face, by telephone or other electronic media. In the present study researchers used and interview schedule as a tool in collecting data from the people involved in the study. Quantitative research is a method used in collecting numerical data from the survey to explain a particular questions. The survey method was conducted through a list of written questions which was distributed to the respondents randomly. And other data are also gather through the use of questionnaire and done by face-to-face conversations and electronic media.

3.2 Methods of Collecting Data
The method of collecting data used was the Descriptive-Normative Survey. This method provides descriptive information about the sample population studied by the researchers. According to Neeru Salaria (2008), the survey research employs applications of scientific method by critically analysing and examining the source materials, by analysing and interpreting data, and by arriving at generalization and prediction.
Since, this study was undertaken to study the sample population of the present research environment. Hence, the descriptive normative survey method is adopted. The descriptive method describes data and characteristics about what is being studied and are tabulated by means of statistical treatment of analysis.

The collected data are categorized according to the approaches of gathering information as follows: A. Primary Data. Data are gathered from primary sources. Primary sources reflects the individual viewpoint of the respondents. Interviews, Observations and Questionnaires are examples of primary data that were used in this study. B. Secondary Data. Data are gathered from secondary source. In this study secondary data are collected and grouped into categories: 1. Government publications. The data are collected in the Municipality of Cordova together with a cover letter signed by the Mayor and the head of the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator (MPDC) to collect the necessary data for the study. The Data such as the socio-economic profile of Cordova and demographic information were gathered. 2. Previous research. Researchers collected earlier studies that have already done by others that provide information relevant to the present study. 3. Mass media. Data that are published in books, magazines, newspapers and articles including internet sources are also gathered by the researchers to obtain the data needed for the data collection.

3.3 Development of Research Instrument(s) The Primary data which the data used in research originally obtained through the following tools: 1. Observation. The process of enabling researchers to learn about the activities of the people under the study in the natural setting through observing and participating in those activities, (DeWALT & DeWALT 2002). The method allows the researchers to gather the behaviours and the events in locale by using the five sense.

2. Questionnaire. The questionnaire is essentially a structured technique for collecting data. Generally, it is a series of written questions for which the respondents has to provide answers, (Bell 1999). This method intention to have specific information and minimize bias in making and asking questions in the respondents. These questionnaire were distributed to the respondents and are retrieved.

3.4 Sampling Design
Sampling as defined by Merriam-Webster is a process or technique of selecting a representative part of a population to determine the parameters or characteristics of the whole population. Sampling enables the researchers to evaluate and obtain information about a large group by selecting a few members thus saves time and money.
The researchers employed a probability technique specifically a cluster sampling by which a population is divided into clusters or blocks and then within the final cluster is applied with any methods of selecting a sample. In this case, the proportion of the population to be sample is 20% out of 13 barangays for the first cluster and take 20% within the selected barangay through simple random sampling for the final cluster. The respondents in the study were then selected from the final cluster. Snowball sampling is also used for acquiring further information from investors, tourists, and customer service representatives to attain the sample size.

3.5 Statistical Treatment of Data
Statistical treatment of data is describing or defining a statistical analysis. The data generated by questionnaires and observation will be checked and coded by computer to organize and analyse data into a statistical descriptive type of analysis. The organization of data is important so that appropriate conclusions can be drawn.
The data gathered are to be tabulated and presented through tables, bar charts and figures summarizing frequencies and percentages for statistical analysis and interpretation. The quantifiable data are measured by the central tendencies like mean, median and mode to describe how data are concentrated. The systematic and random errors from an experiment should be taken consideration to get right inferences. The findings obtained will be discussed to form a basis for the research findings, conclusions and recommendations.

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