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It's Not a Toy

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It’s Not a Toy


This commercial has only one clear message - that the BlackBerry smartphone is not a toy. The underlying message that I see is that RIM is telling the consumers that the BlackBerry smartphone is not what their competitors’ phones are - toys. There is no actual reference to Apple or Android or any other competitor, but the fact that their message “It’s not a toy” is repeated 3 times in their 29 second commercial and thing that is said, it is obvious to me what the unspoken message is.

Communications strategy
I believe that the maker of this commercial was trying to appeal to the humorous side in their choice to open up with the Jack in the Box toy and end with the very colorful xylophone. At the same time, I also felt that RIM wanted the reach both the consumers’ logical side and emotional side. When I see this commercial, as a BlackBerry smartphone user, I see that RIM’s phones are logical and for the more mature adult user. I also see that it reaches out to me emotionally and how I feel about their phone. I love their phone and the fact that it is not a “toy” is one of the things I personally like about the phone. I feel like consumers who want to play games and play around with applications all day long, can be happy with the “toy” smartphone that Apple and other competitors offer. I know that I want the BlackBerry phone to be the one that is set apart from the rest, for the serious business person, but that can also provide “fun” for those BlackBerry users who also may want those features and capabilities.


This commercial was placed on YouTube about six months ago. It shows a count of less than 13,000 views, which leads me to believe it was not received very well or lacked in popularity. YouTube is accessed by more than 800,000,000 unique users a month worldwide, and the number of views are very low...

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