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It190 Unit8 Essay Impact of It on Globalization

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Unit 8 [IT190: Foundations in Information Technology]

Unit 8 Essay:Effects of IT on Globalization
B.W. Beck & K. Money
IT190 Foundations in Information Technology

Essay: Effects of IT on Globalization
The first cited source, Age of Globalization, expresses the effects on globalization, with positive and negative regards to information technology1. Globalization has been revolutionary in history, integrating international world views, with products from manufacturing to cultural resources that promotes worldwide exchanges of ideas, economic impact and global interaction. The major factors which have contributed advances on an exponential scale include transportation in the air, sea, and ground, and the international infrastructure in telecommunications, from fiber optics, global thinking and the World Wide Web2. The processes in globalization has affected small business to large corporations, economics, social cultural resources, including politics from the migration of ideas with support and criticism from cultural differences intertwined with competition. The creativity and innovation from the diverse cultures has exploded into popularity that affect all civilization and lifestyles. Diverse knowledge and the ability to compete on a global scale has changed the way businesses and individuals interact. The advances in technology, with faster cell phone,smartphones, tablets integrated electronics, multi-CPU architect, faster bandwidth from fiber optic infrastructure will continue to integrate businesses and individuals in globalization for years in the future. The consumption of a product, either electronic gadgets, power tools, food or grains, and intellectual property from the east coast to west coast or United States to China or any other country will affect the supply or demand on a global scale instead of locally from state to state, or neighboring...

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