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Question 1
The Field Data Collection Automation(FDCA) project is very significant for the United States Census Bureau because it consists of the collection of the United States census. The main reason of this project is to collect all the data at a faster pace while decreasing the cost of collecting the information. The cost of the operation and the cost of the census was over budget at fourteen and a half billion dollars. The costs for this operation were eleven billion dollars for operational costs and three billion dollars for the new devices. Making the census collection data automated would allow the data retrieval to be less costly and more efficient. When the execution of the project failed this increased the cost of operation. This failure delayed implementation of this project for another decade.

· Question 2
The main problem the United States Census Bureau encountered was its investigation, communication, and documentation of the handheld device's failure to perform. In 2007, poor handheld performance issues as reported to the bureau(Laudon & Laudon, 2010). Despite the reports that were given by the field agents, the United States Census Bureau did not have any procedures in place to record the data collected by the devices. There were no procedures in place to evaluate the handheld device performance. There were no methods to record, track, or evaluate the performance of the operation. The lack of method, performance, and accountability stems from the lack of management overseeing what was being done. The lack of oversight is one major factor that caused this problem, because all projects will have issues, but oversight will not let the issues dictate the outcome of the deadline.

· Question 3
The one step that I would take to control the risk in this project would be construct a management oversight committee…...