It210 Week 2 Appendix F

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Appendix F

Application-Level Requirements

Application-Level Requirements List

1. The program will prompt the user for data input of type and amount of currency to be converted.

2. The program will prompt the user to input the type of the destination currency.

3. The program will locate and display the current currency rates for types listed by the user.

4. The program will perform calculations to convert value from one type of currency to another type of currency indicated by the user.

5. The program will display the calculated total amount of the currency desired using the total of the original currency.
6. The program will prompt the user to indicate if another conversion is desired.

Input-Process-Output Chart

Complete the following input-process-output chart for the application using a structured programming approach.

|Input |Process |Output |
|Origin currency |Get user input. |Origin currency |
|Origin currency amount | |Origin currency amount |
|Destination currency |Get user input. |Destination currency |
|Value of Destination currency |Find origin rates. |Display value of destination currency |
|Value of Origin currency | |Display value of origin currency |
| |Divide dividend by diviser |Quotient and remainder of conversion…...