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1. An object is defined in the ___ of active directory
b. schema

2. When deploying Active Directory with third-party DNS, the DNS server
d. SRV

3. ______ of Windows Server 2008 allows enterprises to mi
a. functional levels

4. Active Directory uses ____ that allow users to access resources in a single domain forest or multiple domain forest.
c. trust relationships

5. The first ___ installed in a new Active Directory forest will hold all the FSMO roles.
d. DC

6. Each DC maintains a local value called an ___ that keeps track of changes that are made a teach DC.
a. update sequences number (USN) pg 62

7. The ___ of Active Directory defines the logical grouping of Active Directory
c. logical structure pg 60

8. Which of the following is used to keep track of the number of times Active Directory attribute has been
d. Version ID pg 62

9. Active Directory ___ are the means by which administrators can control the replication traffic
d. sites pg 60

10. Which of the following protocols should be only used when replicating between different
a. Simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) pg 70

11. The Primary Domain Controller (PDC) Emulator is not responsible for the following tasks:
d. Managing objects by providing ease of accessibility and fault tolerance to GPOs pg 86

12. Each DC can have only ___ relative identifier (RID) master.
a. one pg 85

13. Which of the following allows users to log on to domains across a forest by using a standardized naming format, simia
a. User Principal Names (UPNs) pg 80

14. Active Directory supports ___ FSMO roles and their functionality is divided between domain-wide and forest-wide FSMOs.
c. five pg 85

15. Which of the following FSMO roles manages password changes, account lockouts, and times
b. PDC Emulator pg 85

16. When an FSMO role is unavailable, in the ___ the outage will be
a. Domain Naming Master pg 91

17. ___ is the process of confirming a user’s identity on a network by using his or her user
d. Authentication, authorization pg 102

18. When a user logs on to Active Directory, an ___
b. access token pg 103

19. Which type of group can be used to grant or deny permissions
a. Global group pg 105

20. Which of the following command-line utilities can be used to create, modify
c. dsadd pg 118

21. Which of the following password examples best meets the characteristics of a strong password?
c. MspR3s5#1 pg 128

22. The ___ command-line tool is a valuable tool
a. Runas pg 129

23. The ___ feature allows Active Directory to support a decentralized administration model, giving administrators
c. Delegate Authority pg 131

24. When planning an OU strategy for your network, which of the following should be considered
a. Representing the functional or geographical model

25. Which of the following command-line utilities allows moving objects from one location to another?
b. Dsmove pg 135

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