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It240 Check Point Threat Categorization

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Check Point Threat Categorization

May 10, 2013

Check Point Threat Categorization
|Define each of the following terms in your own words: |
| |
|Boot sector - Is the area of the computer that contains storage devices like hard drives, and is the area where the firmware and software boot from |
|because the codes are located here. |
|File – Is a place where data is stored on a computer, there are many different types of files and most if not all data is stored in a file. |
|Multipartite - divided or having many sectors, very applicable to computers since they have many parts and are divided into sectors and sections. |
|Macro – Instructions, usually one that can automatically turn into more instructions. |
|Trojan horse - A virus that allows a backdoor into a computer affecting the computer without the users knowledge and allows the information stored |
|on the infected computer to be stolen. |
|E-mail worms – A worm that spreads through the user of the user’s email account(s). |
|Instant messaging worms – A worm that can replicate it’s self and uses the user’s buddy list and address book on an instant messaging application to |
|spread itself....

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