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Your Microsoft® Windows® 2000-based office network has three domains: ALPHA, BETA, and OMEGA, all in the same Active Directory tree. Required result: You must provide access to some users with accounts in the ALPHA domain to some resources in the OMEGA domain, but users in the OMEGA domain should not have access to resources in the ALPHA domain. Optional result: If possible, changes to the ALPHA users’ accounts should be reflected in the accounts they use to access OMEGA resources. Proposed solution: Add the ALPHA users to a global group in ALPHA, and add that group to a local OMEGA group that has permissions to the required resources. Based on your goals and your actions, determine which of the following statements is true and explain: • You accomplished both your required result and your optional result. • You accomplished your required result, but not your optional result. Post your assignment as a Microsoft® Word attachment.
The goals and actions in this scenario would accomplish both the required results and the optional results. The required results state that you provide access to some users in the ALPHA domain to some resources in the OMEGA domain. Users in the OMEGA domain should not have access to resources in the APLHA domain. Enabling access for certain ALPHA users to view resources in the OMEGA domain must be completed by the Administrator. By doing this it will not allow OMEGA users to access the ALPHA domain resources but allow the ALPHA users access to the OMEGA domain. This will also make the optional results true as…...

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