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It2580 Unit 1 Assignment 2

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Unit 1 Assignment 2
Impact of a Data Classification Standard The user domain defines the people who access an organizations network and IT infrastructure. In the user domain you will find an acceptable use policy, also known as an AUP. An AUP defines what a user can and cannot do within the organization. It is basically an employee handbook on acceptable activity within the organizations resources or network. Failure to follow these rules can be grounds for termination. The user domain is the weakest link in the IT infrastructure.
Some of these threats include, lack of user awareness, security policy violation, and employee blackmail. To help combat a user’s lack of awareness, you can conduct security awareness training seminars; have pop-ups warning about a security threat, and send e-mail reminders to employees about common threats. Security policy violation you can approach in a few ways, if there is a violation, place the employee on probation, do a monthly review of the AUP and employee handbook, discuss these common violations during the employees performance review. With employee blackmail, you can track and monitor any abnormal employee behavior and the use of network resources or logging in to the network during off hours. You can also set alarms and alerts within the network to help identify abnormal traffic.
The workstation domain is where most users connect to the company’s network. The workstation can be a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or any other devise that connects to the network. The employees should have the access necessary to get their work done.
The workstation domain requires tight security and access controls. This is where users first access systems, applications and data. The workstation domain requires a logon ID and password for access. Unauthorized accesses to a workstation is a common problem, you must be sure to enable...

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