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1. Identify, define and describe the function of each component in a switch’s quasi-distributed control-based architecture. Provide examples for each component that illustrates its use and function.
Line modules terminate subscriber lines. Trunk modules connect the switch to other class 5 switches, tandem switches, or long distance switches. The interface communications module forms the central time switch of the exchange. A networking switch processor is an integrated circuit targeted at the networking application domain. Central switch processors perform most call handling processes.

2. Define Intra-LATA and Inter-LATA routing of calls and explain why the toll charges may differ between them.

Intra-LATA are basically locals calls outside of your central office but not considered long distance. Inter-LATA are the long distance calls. Toll charges may differ because different companies may control different LATAs.

3. Describe the methods and tools of traffic engineering and explain how these methods and tools are used to manage call quality.

Grade of service is used to define the quality of service on a network. Using the GOS, engineers can determine whether to block a call or not. The Poison and Erlang methods were developed for telephone usage and sizing the network. Using these two methods you can calculate how many trunks are needed for a specific traffic load. Busy day busy hour (BDBH) calculations can be used to design a good network. Average hold time is the amount of time the subscriber stays on the phone. It’s one of the hardest values to predict. Centrum call seconds is used to express call volume. Using a formula you can determine the percentage a circuit is being used.

4. Perform the following VLSM processes:
a. Convert from CIDR to dotted decimal: i. /17 – ii. /21 – iii. /9 – iv. /29 – v. /13 –
b. Convert from dotted decimal to CIDR: i. - /18 ii. - /11 iii. - /9 iv. - /30 v. - /26
c. See attached
d. See attached

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