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It´S More Than Music

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It’s more than music
It's neither a fact nor a theory but the meaning of a person's name can be related with his/her profession, personality or actions that he/she makes. Bono, the leader of U2, lives up to his name which means a great voice. But he is not only an amazing rock musician; in fact, he is very committed with solidarity. It does not matter how tough or robust he can be, inside him a generous human being has the desire to help somebody else. Bono is not only the soul of one of the greatest rock bands in history furthermore he is the soul of many solidarity projects and organizations too.
As a rock singer Bono’s appearance is simple and casual but it can be defined as an attractive rock star. His look is also suitable for all his activist work. Some dark jeans and a leather jacket cannot miss on Bono’s wardrobe; and of course his dark glasses and an earring which give him a personal touch. Bono wears clothes from Edun his own clothing company, he and his wife decided to make up their own clothes because they are against of sweatshops that works with children. He is fifty four years old but he looks as a young singer rock who keeps his freshness instead a middle aged man. Like a rock star Bono does not lose the style but he shows that he has a solid commitment with solidarity due to the fact that he could not wear clothes make up by a child.
His charitable personality is reflected in his actions and songs. Bono has written many pieces of music where his thoughts about politics, economy, poverty and the human rights are described. Songs like “Pride” (which is a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King) or “Mothers of Disappeared” (which is about Madres y/o Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo) are examples of his charitable personality. The leader of U2 has shown with his actions his commitment with many causes and countries like Africa. He has made a lot of charity concerts in order to raise money for sick or poor people. In spite of being a busy musician with world-tours with the band, Bono make use of the strength of the rock & roll to create consciousness, obligation and action in every concert. He changes rebellion into solidarity as a great lesson.
There are many experiences that Bono has lived since he became a rock star. He has travelled around the world helping people from different and difficult contexts; Bono and the band U2 have done every action with an incredible love. In the 80’s, he travelled to Ethiopia in order to stop the famine on this country. This trip was very important and hard for him due to the extreme poverty that he found there. Since that moment, Bono decided to become in a singer rock with a cause. Apart of being an excellent musician, he has a second vocation which is to lend a hand to somebody who needs it; He has lived helping children and adults from Africa and the poorest countries of the world.
There are not many people who say let’s go to help others! And they really do it. In an interview, Bono said “I’m a rock star and I have two instincts: entertaining me and changing the world. I have the opportunity to do both things”. Bono help people regardless of the amount of money that he expends in each campaign or trip. He is the best example of that people who comes into the world with an intrinsic desire to help somebody. In every action or song he expresses that it is more than music to be a great musician or artist.

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