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The Italian legal system is “based on Roman law, particularly its civil law” (Prosser, 2011, p. 289). The penal code was revised in 1990 to incorporate common-law aspects (Prosser, 2011, p. 289). The legal system in Italy is extremely slow, “the average time between indictment and a court judgment is ten years” (Prosser, 2011, p. 289).
Italy’s religious breakdown is “Christian 80% (overwhelming Roman Catholic with very small groups of Jehova Witnesses and Protestants), Muslims NEGL (about 700,000 but growing), Atheists and Agnostics 20%” (“World Factbook”, 2013). The Italian Institute of Statistics identifies six different categories in Italy’s class system (“Italy – Poverty”, 2013). The classes include bourgeoisie, white collar middle class, urban petit bourgeoisie, rural petit bourgeoisie, urban working class, and the rural working class (“Italy – Poverty”, 2013). ). The median age for Italians is 43.8 years with a population of 61,261,254 (“World Factbook”, 2013).
Italy is a republic, the Italian Constitution “provides for an executive branch composed of a Council of Ministers, headed by the Prime Minister” (“Political Climate”, 2013). The Prime Minister is selected by the President, who is elected through the Chamber and Senate (“Political Climate”, 2013). The President serves a seven year term while members of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate serve five years (“Political Climate”, 2013). The median age for Italians is 43.8 years with a population of 61,261,254 (“World Factbook”, 2013).
What implications does each have on international business?
In regards to the Italian legal system and international business, any company looking to venture into Italy needs to obtain expert legal advice in advance. If a contract is reneged upon it may take several years before litigation will set things right and even then it’s not guaranteed the litigation will...

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