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Italian Quality: Campagnolo Bicycle Components
Campagnolo is renowned for producing some of the most innovative, highest quality, and best performing bicycle components available today. They also provide a benchmark for original design as evidenced by winning the prestigious Compasso d’Oro award from the Associazone Design Italiano and has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal as one of the most prominent sports brands in the world. ‘This reputation has been earned not only through its countless racing successes, but also by virtue of the attention given to quality and to service that sets this company apart from all others.’ ("Focus," 2011, para. 6)
Tullio Campagnolo, an amateur bicycle racer who was frustrated with current technology to change gearing on his bicycle, founded Campagnolo S.r.l in Vicenza, Italy in 1933. At the time, changing gears required the rider to dismount, remove the rear wheel and then flipping the rear wheel around so a different sized cog on the opposite side of rear wheel could be used, then reattach the wheel to the bicycle frame, and finally remount the bicycle and resume the race. This required tools and a bit of time off the bicycle to complete as derailleurs and quick releases had not yet been invented. Tullio Campagnolo spent three years designing, perfecting, and producing what has become one of the ubiquitous components on a modern bicycle – the quick release skewer. ‘The company soon expanded, focusing on the three fundamental concepts that would also characterize its future – performance, technological innovation, and quality of products and services.’ ("Focus," 2011, para. 3)
Today, Campagnolo designs, manufactures, and supplies some of the highest quality, most desirable components for racing bicycles. It is present in over 30 countries and exports over 70% of its produced products to the United...

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