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Itb 305 Assignment # 1 Entry Into Foreign Market

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Entry Into Foreign Market
Cameron International Corporation
Cameron International Corporation with returns of $6,134.8 million (2010) and disposable profit of $562million (2010) be responsible for flow tools and density device equipment for both land and sea oil togs. It synthetics the doddle preventer on the Transocean BP rig. It works in more than 100 countries over several votive activities. The corporation has just offered into FDI associations with a acquisition of a Brazilian firm that productions include goods for the Brazilian oil and gas trade to fund its development into that marketplace. Myanmar has retreated strategy of segregation forced by the governing armed management. In 2011, the country reversed progression with permitted elections, and dialogues with unorthodox clusters. The country is very rich in oil and gas resources. Business microclimate is extensively observed as dense and unethical.
1. Determine which institutional and risk factors must be considered and whether they support entry or not.

Myanmar is one of the under developed countries of the Southeast Asia region. Institutional factors may involve commitment. It can be institutionalized by validation an agreement and/or distribution costs. In reparation, somebody has to take the prime to consolidate the setting up of the foreign investments. Government policies can play an important role in setting-up a foreign setup, and these strategies can extremely distress its attainment. Two significant ways in which a management marks the working of a foreign company are by licenses and subsidies. Foreign investors are always interested and keep noticing the incentives and the attractions given by the host country. These all are true in case of Myanmar. They offer very attractive incentives and procedures for the foreign investors. (Christie& Smith, 1998) As compare to other CLMV...

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