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Project Management Plan Critical Analysis
Critiques on Video Game Delivery

A project management plan document to develop a web-based system for customers to rent video games, for Video Game 2U is provide on which an critical analysis is required.

Project Management Plan Critical Analysis
Critiques on Video Game Delivery

A project management plan document to develop a web-based system for customers to rent video games, for Video Game 2U is provide on which an critical analysis is required.


This project management plan critical analysis is required by my university and should be developed by the individual student. In this assignment individual is emphasized to criticise a project management plan document created for a Video Game 2U. The team to develop this project (Video Delivery) consist of six members, including project manager & sponsor and ABC Corporation and Julie & ECF (educational consulting firm).
The student has to completely identify the loopholes in this project by analysing the project management plan critically and write project management plan based on the criticism.
The aim of this assignment is to developed a document of criticising a project management plan created by Video Game 2U and also criticise the project management plan’s deliverables that are project charter, kick off meetings, scope statement, work breakdown structure, organizational chart, milestone report, network diagram, risk management, budget, change request process and lessons learned report.
The product important features are mainly focused on educational and sports games because it is a web-based game in which users rent video games on monthly basis and then able to order several video games over the internet, receive the game via express mail, return those game via express mail and keep receiving additional games.
The current...

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