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It's All About the Literature

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It’s all about the Literature Heather Henegar
Grand Canyon University: RDG-514
July 2, 2015

It’s All About the Literature As with any area in curriculum and instruction, teachers should not be fully dependent on one source, but rather use a variety of resources to help students understand content. The same can be said with the use of textbooks. Teachers should supplement core curriculum with quality trade books (GCU, 2012). Trade books can offer a wealth of information such as a means to expand vocabulary, clarify concepts, explore real-world situations, and entertain (GCU, 2012). Furthermore, Johnson & Small, (2008) stated, “In contrast to textbooks, nonfiction trade books can support instruction in nearly every subject…which allows a teacher to front-load experiences with a concept” (p. 132). The following table lists trade books that can be used to enhance and supplement instruction in Math, Science, Social Studies, and Reading within a fourth-grade classroom. Book Title | Content Area | Summary | Appropriateness | Standards | Millions, Billions & Trillions by David A. Adler & Edward Miller (2013) | Math | In this book, Adler helps students to connect large numbers to other things they already know. There are also hands-on activities that can be done, such as using one-fourth cup of sugar to illustrate what a million might look like. This book also tells students how long it would take to count to a million, billion, and trillion (Adler & Miller, 2013). | In the fourth-grade, students are expected to read and write whole numbers to one million. Often, they do not understand the quantity of one million. | 4.NBT.1 | Working With Fractions by David A. Adler & Edward Miller (2007) | Math | The setting of this book is at a birthday party. While at the birthday party, there are examples of a pizza, a cake, balloons, and children…...

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