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Its Best If You Drug Test!

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It’s Best if You Drug Test!
Do you think it is fair that you work only for your paychecks to be reduced by taxes that support government assistance? This government assistance is anywhere from cash assistance each month to food stamps or Medicaid. Anyone can receive this help each month as long as they fall below the maximum income amount allowed. By anyone I mean drug users. People that would rather spend their money on illegal substances that their own food or healthcare. I believe that people that receive government assistance in North Carolina should be randomly drug tested throughout the time period that they are receiving them. There are a few reasons why I believe this. First, funds are getting low, which means less money available to help the people that actually need it. Secondly, if you can spend your money on drugs or other extracurricular activities, why can’t you buy your family food or pay medical bills. Another reason is that drugs are a barrier to self-sufficiency. If you have drugs and government assistance to fall back on then why get a job? Last but not least, there will be less fraud committed if we drug test recipients. Shortages in funds affect many organizations. A major one is government assistance. If you walk into The Department of Social Services all you see are signs saying that they do not have enough funds to help pay your bills or other things you may need help with. There is a shortage in funds with public housing also. Just the waiting list for Graham Public Housing has been closed since last year. People’s food stamps are being cut back and Medicaid keeps changing policies on what they cover and what they don’t. We know that they keep taking more and more taxes out of our paychecks so where is it going? It’s going to government assistance alright, but too many people are receiving it. In Arizona alone, the...

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