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Harvard UWS Referencing Style Guide

Intellectual honesty and plagiarism
About the Harvard UWS style
In-text citation: Referencing sources within the text
Reference list
Electronic items
Referencing secondary sources
Different works of the same author and same year

Books, book chapters and brochures

Single author
Two or three authors
Four to six authors

Corporate author / authoring body
Edited book
Chapter or article in book

Other materials

Acts of Parliament (includes bills)
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Government report

Legal authorities (cases)
Microfiche / microfilm document
Patent/ Trademark (electronic database) Podcast (from the Internet)

Government report (online)
Image on the Internet
Lecture (unpublished) / personal communication E-book

Seven or more authors
No author (incl. dictionary or encyclopaedia) Chapter or article in an edited book 

Study guide
Thesis / dissertation
Tutorial / lecture handout
Video recording, television program or audio recording
Video or audio (from the Internet)
Web page / document on the

Journal articles, newspaper articles and conference papers

Journal article (print version)
Journal article (full-text from electronic database)
Newspaper article (available in print) Newspaper article (from electronic database) Article (from the Internet, not available in print version)
Non-English journal article translated into English
Proceedings of meetings and symposiums, conference papers
Conference proceedings (from electronic database)
Systematic reviews

Updated 29/01/2015

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Harvard UWS Referencing Style

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