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1. The Basics of ‘Visual perception’ and ‘Visual Communication’. 2. What is ‘Visual culture’? 3. Prehistoric: Western & Indian (Bhimbetka M.P.) 4. Egypt, Mesopotamia, Indus valley civilization. 5. Greek & Roman 6. Byzantine. 7. Gothic architecture.( Development of arch, vaults, buttresses and stained glass windows) 8. Gothic (Giotto, Camabue) and early Renaissance painting. 9. Indian Miniatures including Mogul Miniature paintings. (As compared to the western illusionistic technique of representation of real 3D form, the eastern approach gives emphasis on the flat 2D representation of reality (schematic) which links with the religious, pious or spiritual narrative) 10. Renaissance (The awareness of visual elements and their composition, the connection of geometry, spatial relation, Birth of perspective and awareness of 3rd dimension along with study of anatomy in visual representation. The rise of individualism due to advent of humanism) 11. Baroque Painting & sculpture. 12. Rococo art and furniture/ interiors. 13. What is semiotics and semantics? Understanding the impact of industrialization and New Technology and the origin of it, the ‘enlightenment’. 14. Romanticism & Realism: in relation with the fall of Napoleon and outbreak of the war, French revolution, Darwin, Karl marks, birth of photography and change in perception of visual experience 15. What is modern? What is modern art? Impressionism and Expressionism Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, Edward Munch, Henri Matisse, Kandinsky, Sculpture-August Rodin. 16. Development of capitalism in modern western societies. Encroachment of commercial values upon all aspects of cultural practices. Art as anti establishment practice (Dada as anti art a nihilistic movement). The art of Marcel Duchamp, Pablo Picasso, and Jackson Pollok (additional artists-Kasimir Malevich, Piet Mondrian) Picasso and Braque’s-Cubism Manifesto of ‘Futurism’ Understanding the impact of mass media and advertising. Pop art, op art, minimalism etc. 17. What is Avantgarde? What is abstractionism? What is Postmodern visual creation?

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