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J Source= Yahwist * Structure of J source * Genesis 1-8/1-11 = Primeval Period * Prehistorical material (creation, the flood, the tower of Babel) * Deals with events in the earliest stages of humankind and earliest stages of Israelite history * Most scholars think these were the latest stories to be written and that they are the least distinctively Israelite * These early stories have common parallels in other ancient near eastern cultures * They reflect a shared background with other river cultures * In these early sections, we have Israelite versions of common mythical themes (how were human beings created, the flood myth, how is that we speak different cultures) * Genesis 9/12-50 = Ancestors in Canaan * After chapter 11 you start getting stories that are more historical in nature and have to do with the actual ancestors of Israel itself * Here we have cycles of stories that cluster around each of the great patriarchs * Ancestors = Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah are their wives * This section ends with the Joseph cycle of stories * It is through Joseph that the stories and the traditions of the people of Israel are transmitted when they end up in Egypt * Exodus 1-14=Ancestors in Egypt * The people go to Egypt because there is a famine and the Pharaoh rises up who doesn’t know the Israelites and starts to oppress them (Israelites get enslaved) * Then Moses rises up and leads the people out of Egypt and into the desert * Exodus 15-24, Numbers 10-24 = Ancestors in Desert * There is more material about Moses in the Torah then all of the other ancestors combined * However that material is not found in the J source * Moses...

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