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Question 1
Segmentation Base used by Marriott
Demographic Segmentation
Demographic Segmentation divides the market into groups based on the criteria such as age, gender, occupation and family life cycle (Levens, 2012: 133). So, Marriott came to a decision to embellish guests value by segmenting the market, and then target the selected segments each with a different brand. Also, there are four types of classes of hotels that Marriott has, mainly: Luxury, Upscale, Midscale and Economy classes. Luxury class hotels provide high level of service, 5 star quality food and posh surroundings. This segment provides high level of satisfaction to guests but at premium prices (Clark, 2011). Similarly, Upscale classes hotels provide excellent service, including concierge services and fine dining, but the standards are not as high as the luxury market (Clark, 2011). And of course the midscale class hotels are hotels that provide limited food service and helpful staff as well as clean and comfortable surroundings (Clark, 2011). And lastly, we have the economy segment, which caters to guests that are motivated by the price and care less for the quality and services provided (Clark, 2011).

The current Executive Chairman of Marriott International, John Willard Marriott Jr. saw the demand for business travel has become stronger, up 16% to be exact, is considered a huge increase and still continue to grow, stated in a video by (Bloomberg, 2012). Therefore, one of the Marriott’s suite hotel brands, Fairfield Inn & Suites(Upper Midscale) is built to target on business travelers that seeks for value-priced accommodations and business related facilities. Fairfield Inn & Suites by (Marriott: Let’s Get It Done, 2012) offers information about a room featuring separate living, conducive working space and sleeping area for businesspeople to enjoy their work while staying...

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