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Tom Heywood
Unit 16 – Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the process of managing the workforce in an effective way covering all aspects from hiring to making staff redundant.
Recruitment and selection are usually considered as one process. Recruitment needs to be carefully planned in order to attract the right type of applicant. This increases the chances of making a suitable selection and appointment.
Firms can recruit from inside or outside the organisation.
Internal recruitment involves appointing existing staff. A known person is recruited. External recruitment involves hiring staff from outside the organisation. They will bring fresh ideas with them but they are unknown to the company. There are advantages and disadvantages to appointing internally or externally. With internal candidates their abilities are known to the firm, they know the culture and would need less training, as well as being the cheap option. Internal promotion also is good for overall staff morale, but if you promote from within you then need to fill another vacancy.
The 4 main selection methods manager’s use are; CVs, Interviews, Application forms and References.
Development of policies and procedures are required by law, they are used to influence decisions and actions. Also a guide to operations in clear steps and framework that governs operations and functioning.
Training and development helps increase staff efficiency and can improve technical, personal or management skills.
The two main training methods are:
On-the-job training where experienced staff members explain a job or skill.
Off the job training where experts outside from elsewhere are paid to explain a job or skill
Retaining workers is important to firms because it costs time and money to hire and train a replacement and it is much easier to train a current worker increasing their...

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