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Jack Daniels Creative Strategy

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Creative Strategy
The objective of Jack Daniel’s creative strategy here is to appeal to and create profits from our target market. We want to establish a symbolic link between the iconic Jack bottle and the female lifestyle in our targeted age market. To our female market, we want to create a tone of luxury, the party-lifestyle, and sensuality. To appeal to females, we assume these to be things that would increase their likelihood of purchase. Our big idea is the “Jack and Jill” campaign where we hope to complement the masculine Jack with the female Jill. Our main character in this campaign is the beautiful Jill who mainly appears alongside images of the drink to create visual association. The central persona that the woman will take is one who can party but retain her composure; this would be best displayed in television or radio advertisements.

Media Strategy We will advertise on TV, in magazines, outdoor, and online. We will advertise in mediums that either primarily target women or target a near-equal percent of women and men. TV spots will have a pulsed media schedule relative to the expected seasonal increases in sales due to expensive costs. These seasonal increases include wintertime, Nascar season, and Christmas. Below the Line Promotions A. Promotions Continuing to utilize the relationship with the NASCAR community, tickets from each racing event can also be used as a coupon in any store for two dollars off any type of Jack Daniels whiskey. B. Point of Purchase The bottles sent out for distribution should all have a small recipe booklet around the neck of the bottle that gives ideas for more than just the usual drinks made with Jack Daniels. This will attract more females as the recipes will be suited for those who might not particularly enjoy the taste of Jack Daniels by itself. There should also be a coupon sticker, one dollar off, on each bottle to be used for the current purchase. This will entice customers to choose Jack Daniels over another equally priced whiskey. C. Events One event that would be vital to advertise at would be at least one of the major racing events. It would be beneficial to set up a stand outside the racing venue where free Jack Daniels paraphernalia would be distributed as well as airplane bottles of the product. In order to encourage consumers to visit the stand, there should be contests, prizes, and coupons available. A specific way to encourage women to try the product is to hold contests especially for women.

Media Strategy A. TV We will advertise in mediums that either primarily target women or target a near-equal percent women and men with the Nascar-country lifestyle that we are targeting to. We will also advertise to the age range of our audience. TV spots will have a pulsed media schedule relative to the expected seasonal increases in sale due to expensive costs. These seasonal increases include wintertime, Nascar season, Christmas, and the 2011 CMT Awards. We will advertise 30-second commercials on primetime and late fringe cable stations. This is best for the nature of our product as an alcoholic beverage, as well as keeping in line with when the best time is to reach our target audience. By advertising on a range of shows on cable tv, mainly in primetime, the campaign is able to reach the target audience with efficiency at a cost cheaper then shows that have a wider general audience. Also, our shows focus on cult icons: Kendra Wilkinson, Nascar drivers, Country music musicians, Conen O’Brien, and Sarah Palin, and rock icon’s. We are executing a very image-base campaign, so associating Jack Daniel’s with the icons of our target audience strengthens the brand image greatly without having to allocate the budget to direct sponsorship. B. Magazines Since our primary target audience is women with more “riske” advertisements, advertising in women’s fashion magazines is good for the brand image, while reaching the audience. Elle In 2009, Elle had an average readership of over 1.1 million people. This is up one percent from the year before. 94% of it’s readers are women. The median age is 33. The median HHI is a high $84,500. This will help us extend into a larger income bracket, while also still reaching our target audience (Elle). Cosmopolitan Cosmopolitan is one of the most well-known and popular women’s magazines. 84% of readership is women. 40% of readership is between the ages of 18-24. 20% is between the ages of 25-34 (ACP). C. Outdoor We will advertise in billboards across the top 25 cities within the US that have most potential. This includes regions with high CDI and low BDI, such as Nashville. By doing this, we can make Jack Daniel’s new brand image stand out in regions that already drink whiskey, such as the central regions of the US and the most populated cities, and achieve our marketing objective. This is to increase market share within the whiskey category. Populated regions have a high amount of younger adults, as well. D. New Media

Jack Daniels Whiskey will promote its brand on the internet in various different ways. If you google search: Whiskey, Jack/Jack Daniels, Dark Liquor, Jack and Coke, mixed drinks with coke, and now, Jack and Jill, you will get a response from the website. We will be promoting the whiskey on Facebook particularly. If you mention in your “likes” or your favorites that you like anything related to Jack Daniels, Jack will then appear on your side bar advertising the website and different mixed drinks depending on the season. Jack Daniels website is interactive so you will be able to mix your own drinks and concoctions according to your tastes. If you go to the website via Facebook, you will receive a coupon for 5$ off a bottle of Jack for a certain amount of time. Another tactic of Jack’s Facebook advertising will be the idea of meeting Jill, Jacks partner in crime. An interactive Jill will also be in the side bar advertising. This will give consumers a chance to meet Jill and see what sort of drink specials she can make for you on the website. An interactive Jack will also be available for those who would rather have a male bartender

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