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You Don’t Know Jack – A journey into a Tennessee Legend
I. What do you think of when you think of Jack Daniels? a. Cowboy cool? Tough Guy? b. Hard work? Tradition? II. Recently I went on a vacation to Nashville, TN and was lucky enough to take a tour of the Jack Daniels distillery. III. Let’s take a look behind the famous black label and see what goes into making America’s oldest whiskey. c. History d. Production

Body I. Jasper Newton Daniel a. Childhood 1. Born in Monroe county 2. One of 12 children e. Entrepreneurship 3. Learned from Rev. Dan Call at age of 10 4. Took over distillery at age 13 f. Move to Lynchburg 5. Cave Spring 6. First to register distillery with government g. Death 7. The safe 8. Passed distillery on to Lem Motlow (nephew) II. Production a. Rickyard 1. Hard rock maple to make charcoal 2. Use whiskey to burn b. Cave Spring 1. Iron Free 2. Pure c. Sour Mash 1. 48 fermenters 2. 40,000 Gallons each d. Copper Stills 1. 140 Proof 2. 70% Alcohol by volume e. Charcoal Mellowing 1. 10ft. of charcoal 2. 4-6 days to filter through f. Barrel House 1. Seven Floors 2. Four years minimum III. Varieties a. Black Label 1. Flagship Brand 2. Most produced brand b. Green Label 1. Weaker flavor 2. From the lowest parts of the barrel house c. Single Barrel 1. Highest quality whiskey 2. Hand selected by master distiller d. Gentleman Jack 1. Twice mellowed 2. Very smooth sipping whiskey
I. Next time you go to the bar, take the time to visit old Jack and remember all of the hard work and dedication that has gone into making Jack Daniels the American Icon it is today. 1. Production Process 2. The safe (don’t go into work early)

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