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Jack Johnson

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During a time when blacks were considered less than equals to whites, Jack Johnson refused to be oppressed by racist America. He was both unafraid and uncompromising. He went wherever he chose, did whatever he wanted, and controversially had sexual relations with whichever race of women he wanted.
As a boxer, Johnson went from being an unknown to the first African American heavyweight champion of the world. With little regard for his safety, he destroyed white fighters when blacks were expected to submit to whites. Johnson saw himself as an equal amongst whites; therefore he paid little attention to the chaos he caused throughout his professional career. Jack Johnson was born on March 31, 1878 in Galveston, Texas. He was one of seven children born to former slaves. Although he only had five years of schooling, he had big dreams of being famous. Growing up in Texas, he realized there was very little opportunity. Some of his earlier jobs included sweeping floors in a barber shop, carrying bags at a hotel, and loading bales of cotton on the waterfront. While working these dead-end jobs, Johnson continuously searched for a way out. It is unclear of just how he got into boxing, because he told various stories concerning this issue. His stories included everything from beating up the neighborhood bully to winning battle royals. Battle royals consisted of six to ten boys fighting blind-folded until the last man was standing. This was done is the presence of drunk white men, who would throw coins as they egged them on. These fights were considered one of the most humiliating events of the Jim Crow Era.
At eighteen years old, Jackson stood over six feet tall. He was now a local boxer, making more than his father did as a janitor. Over time, he worked as a sparring partner to veteran fighters, traveling from town to town in search of fights. At that…...

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