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Jack Nelson Case Study

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Jack Nelson Case

1. The problem is that there is not proper recruiting program in the bank. The supervisor is hiring the employees without the proper interviews and the proper background check. When there is no proper training the turnovers increase and the company cannot be productive. Also, there has been a large growth in the company and not the proper requirements. The employees do not feel valued in a work area that they do not understand, and that people don’t have the time to make them feel secure it’s a problem also because employees are expected to take charge of their careers and if they don’t know what to do they will not work their best.

2. Setting up a HR unit would definitely help the bank. In order for the company to be productive and efficient a company must follow ethnical guidelines also the manager should not be the one hiring and interviewing the future workers. If a HR unit is placed in the home office the employees would know what their work is and what is expected from them. The HR unit would help train the workers and make them feel valued. Also it would help the bank in all its branches.

3. Some of the functions that a HR unit should carry out are: job analyses, daily work needs, interviewing, hiring, advising and providing help to problems that workers may have. Also a HR unit should train and give orientation to new employees, also verifying all salaries are paid and the contracts are signed. Line managers are there to work every day with the people face to face. They also provide any technological help; they measure operational performance, and work with the clients. They are monitoring the work of the employees first hand and focused on bringing out a high quality performance. Employee change of address, change of emergency contact, change of phone number. The internet in the HR unit should be essential this is how the company has all the information of their employees. The HR unit should always have employee development, their training schedule, the workers and the company’s objective and their goals. They should record their performance, work assignments and their time of entry. Their employee’s information, their emergency contacts, their vacations, their sickness report, the benefits, the check registration. Technology also speeds up the process in the company. HR officers are the ones that have all the valuable information of the company; they are expected to know how to work a computer since they have the more data. Also the HR unit has valuable information for the line manager and the owner of the bank.

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