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Jack Vanzet Isolation Analysis

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The image, Isolation is created by the multidisciplinary artist Jack Vanzet. Vanzet is twenty-four years old who is from Melbourne, Australia and works in the fields of graphic design, art direction, illustration, branding and typography. Jack Vanzet is not only an astonishing, groundbreaking artist, but also an incredible and my personal favorite musician who goes by the name of Thrupence. The image Isolation speaks about various sociocultural influences and cultural aspects. Sociocultural factors can be defined as the customs, lifestyles and values, which portray a society or group of people. These factors are the larger scale forces within societies that affect the judgments, mindsets, opinions, and behaviors of individuals. When looking at Isolation, I see a face with two eyes, two eyebrows, lips and a …show more content…
The fluidity of the brush strokes proves and captures that different colors can come together and make something so strikingly beautiful. In essence, this image translates into what the world could be like if there was collaboration amongst all its members. In the Isolation image, I do not think the artist wanted to have a deep historical background to be present. I think Vanzet is trying to persuade and make his work be a history lesson to the viewers. The image is trying to teach viewers to not look at things with just one perspective, however, with numerous perspectives since there are numerous people in the world. If you think beyond one viewpoint, you appreciate the different understandings of situations and positions. I see the image, Isolation as being more of a futuristic perception rather than a historical undertone. The futuristic perception is that all people are just people. People have different looks, feelings, and behaviors, but that does not make anyone less of a person than someone

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