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Jail Systems Paper

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Jail System Paper
According the National Center on Institutions and Alternatives (NCIA) “453 jail inmates committed suicide in 1985 and 401 in 1986” (Tartaro & Ruddell, 2006 , para1). What is it about prisons that would make an inmate take their life? The jail system traditionally is underfunded and understaffed. Today in prisons and jails the overcrowding is a big concern. For many the jail is a house of horror. The current problems with the jail system will be discussed in this paper. Solutions to the problems will be given as well.
Describe the jails place in corrections and its role throughout history. The jails role in corrections is to hold inmates that are awaiting trial, there on bench warrants, unable to make bail, awaiting a transfer, or serving sentences of a year or less. Besides the obvious role of the jail, it also plays a role in corrections because it helps to rehabilitate the inmate. This is done by offering a variety of treatment programs that the inmate has the option to participate in. It is not required for the inmate to participate in a program, unless ordered by the court, but it is a good idea to do so. One may wonder what the historical significance of the jail is which is quite obvious, it has been around for quite some time and has proven a success throughout history, which is why there are so many jails around today. The jails historical role was to hold prisoners that were waiting for their trial or punishment. The “real’ history of English jails began with the provisions of the Assize of Clarendon of 1166. King Henry II required all sheriffs in English counties to build jails to hold prisoners awaiting trial. The jail was under the control of the Sheriff, who was the King’s administrative officer at the county level. Most of the sheriffs contracted the jails out to a keeper, who was responsible for...

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