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Executive Summary

Jake’s Place Holdings Pte Ltd is an established company since 1967. The story of Jake’s place Restaurant in singapore was started when Mr. Say Lip Hai first arrived in singapore from Hainan island . He started as an amateur chef and learning how to make the perfect coast beef and yorkshire pudding. After mastered how to make them, He started his first Restaurant, which was called Cola Restaurant and Bar. Mr. Say Lip Hai break came when there was aBritish housewife tasted the steak prepared by him and suggested him to start a catering business in her husband pub in Killiney Road. Her husband name was Jack Hunt. Mr Say agreed with the condition that he took over the whole operation ,which leading to birth of Jake’s Place Steak House. Jack Hunt sold the business to Mr.Say in 1967.
Mr Say has seen his endeavor blossom form a single steak house outlet to one of the largest local restaurant in Singapore. With his Business that develop to overseas with opening outlets in Malaysia,The Future of Jake’s Place Steak house seems to be even brighter than before. Jake’s Place is a restaurant that prioritize good quality food, great value sizzling steak,specialty meals and luxury side dish served in a warm or cozy environment. Jack’s Place is the trusted favorite restaurant for families and friends to enjoy good quality, great value meals in distinctive and friendly surroundings.Today, Jack's Place has 12 outlets in Singapore and 2 outlets in Kuala Lumpur.

This Report is Consist of Company Background, Situation Analysis, Marketing Strategies for Jack’s Place and the Marketing Recommendation for Jack’s Place Restaurant.

Situation Analysis

Jack's Place…...

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