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...EFFECTS OF GLOBALIZATION NEGATIVE Globalization has various aspects which affect the world in different ways such as: It gives access to products which are not readily available, to various countries, for example coffee from Kenya to the UK and Netherlands, thus giving developing countries an opportunity to produce and sell goods that in return are able to make a better living. This is, however, debatable. Wealthier countries which purchase these goods make production and trade rules that developing countries must follow. This reduces fair chances in the world market place, meaning developing and some developed countries are losing out and not making as much profit as they probably could. Increased prosperity has gone hand in hand with mass poverty. Already obscene inequalities between rich and poor are widening.  (Watkins, 2002) Developed countries outsource many manufacturing jobs that were previously done by their citizens to developing countries like India and China, because labor is significantly cheaper. Outsourcing refers to obtaining goods by contract from outside sources. This is a lose-lose situation, as the people in these developed countries lose out on jobs, while those in developing countries are ridiculously underpaid for their labor, giving rise to the issue of human rights. Working conditions in these working areas are poor, salaries for the workers barely covering their cost of living. Despite outsourcing of industries providing jobs to people in third......

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...Computerized accounting Practice set (For Netsuite User) William T. Sucuahi INTRODUCTION Information is one of the vital resources of a company. The accounting department is the biggest contributor of this information in the entire enterprise. The information provider should provide timely and precise information to make good decisions. As computer applications became main stream, transforming data into information has gradually migrated into computerized spreadsheets. Gradually, accounting systems like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrates business process to provide user the best information they can use. The technological development today like the internet makes ERP became cloud-based and makes information available anytime and anywhere. Netsuite is one of leading cloud-based business management software provider in the world. Its mission is to provide companies around the globe, cloud-based, unified systems that deliver unprecedented capabilities to drive their business. It is a software as a service (SaaS) and it is available on demand. Below is general perspective of Netsuite business management system. The following are the key benefits of using Netsuite: • Comprehensive financials including accounting, budgeting, financial reporting and more • Get instant visibility into real-time financial and operational performance across your entire company • Streamline all back-office processes across financial management, revenue......

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...demonstrations are being held in many parts of the city of late with people picketing the roads owing to lack of drinking water. Recently, people from Tiruparankundram picketed the road over the drinking water issue on Monday and there was a tussle between the public and police as a result. ower supply problems affecting water supply Monday, December 24, 2012  ST CATHERINE, Jamaica - National Water Commission (NWC) customers in sections of St Catherine served by the Sue River Water Treatment Plant are being advised that power supply problems affecting the plant have resulted in the current disruption in water supply. Areas that are affected include: Free Town, Benard, Sue River, Mizpah, St Faiths, Cassava River, Glengoffe, Goffe Road, Jambos Pond. Big Road, Accles Hill, Above Rocks,  Zion Hill, Harker's Hall, Retirement, Edward Piece, Barnett, Centre Cut, Ennis and Mt Mattis. The company is reporting that every effort is being made to resolve these problems at the earliest possible time. Meanwhile, the Springfield Well in St Thomas is also out of operation due to electrical problems. Customers in Morant Bay, Springfield, Duhaney Pen, Roselle, Lyssons, Western Prospect, York, Alexander Park, Retreat, Seaforth, Highbury will therefore experience an interruption in their water supply until normal operations...

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