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Since the evolution of mankind, the battle for the control of resources, fame and power has always been at the center of every society. Globalization and the discovery of new race and culture, the notion of fear and ignorance about other people has been the most predominant issue of the modern society. In my opinion the combination of these two issues (fear and ignorance) has created what is a scourge called racism. James Baldwin was a wise and prominent writer who fought against these issues through communication by either writing books or speaking at memorable events. Born in 1924 in New York and died in France in 1987, James Baldwin occupies a unique place in American letters. He is the epitome of the writer that links art to commitment, and can be found alongside Martin Luther King, Marlon Brando, Harry Belafonte and Charlton Heston at the civil rights march in 1963 at Washington.

The analysis of James Baldwin was somewhat aporetic, because on one hand we could quote him saying “Every white person in this country-and I do not care what he or she says-knows one thing. They may not know, as they put, "what I want”, but they know they would not like to be black here. If they know that, then they know everything they need to know, and whatever else they say is a lie.” , which is categorical and brutal in tone.

Yet on the other hand, Baldwin always tried to put himself in the place of others by attempting to understand their behavior and their motivation. In the end, we can say that he has virtually written more about the moods of whites than those of blacks. This is obviously the faith that animates Baldwin. First of all, he has faith in America, because according to him, only Western nations with both power and experience will be capable of making this revolution a worth one”. Second of all, he has faith in man that he knows "capable of progress," and...

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