James I and His Finance Policy

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King James I can certainly be blamed for the financial issues during his reign as ultimately he had the most power and the most control in the country. However the problematic nature of the financial structure in this period cannot be underestimated as corruption was rife and many aspects of the financial system were outdated.
James didn’t inherit a very prosperous situation when he came to the English throne as the treasury was empty, the financial system was in dire need of reform and parliament were unwilling to contribute to major changes. The tax system was so outdated that people were paying four times under what they were supposed to be paying to the crown and only around 7% of the crowns income was generated by tax (4 times less than France). In addition to this, inflation was extortionate and the war with Spain and the Irish Rebellion conflict was costing the crown an unaffordable amount. For example, the Irish Rebellion had cost James £600,000 by the time it ended and money still had to be spent afterwards on maintaining border garrisons. James only made the situation worse with his extensive extravagance. A good illustration of is this is the £400,000 he gave to a Scottish favourite named James Hay (First Earl of Carlisle) throughout his reign. Although James had a lonely childhood and was keen to make close friends, he simply could not afford to spend as much as he did on his favourites; furthermore Hay dies penniless reflecting how James was not careful with money and it didn’t necessarily go to a good cause. James happily spent £20,000 on his coronation and a further £36,000 on his royal wardrobe when he came to the throne. He also spent £185,000 on jewels from 1603-16012, debt was piling up rapidly. The idea of a King ‘living by his own means’ was outdated but this could not excuse James’ folly spending.
James displayed half hearted support for his…...

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