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Johnson & Johnson Strategic Analysis Profile

- The Johnson & Johnson Strategic Analysis Profile is a comprehensive profile of the company including both quantitative and qualitative research. The report examines the Johnson & Johnsons business structure and operations, history and products, and provides an analysis of its key revenue lines. The profile provides strategic insight on the company by examining its strategy, both in terms of its value chain positioning and strategic strengths and weaknesses in form of SWOT analysis. The SWOT section studies the major internal and external factors affecting the company. In addition the profile also includes a revenue analysis section which provides a breakdown of the companys’ revenue by segment and key geographies.
Report Coverage
- Insightful company information, which addresses business and competitor intelligence needs.
- In-depth analysis of the operational aspects of the business including business descriptions, product lines and services revenue splits, and key competitors.
- Detailed financial and operational overview including key performance specific ratios.
- Strategic analysis of the company using SWOT and Value Chain analysis.
- Information on the company’s history, key executives, locations and subsidiaries.

Why Buy?
- Support business/ sales activities by understanding customers’ businesses better.
- Identify prospective partners and suppliers.
- Understand competitors’ business structure, strategy and prospects.
- Analyze the latest market information and trends.


Johnson & Johnson Strategic Analysis Profile
Business Overview6
Market View6
Key Strategies6
Medical Devices and…...

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....................................................................................................62 . 1. L’ Azienda 2.1 Informazioni generali Johnson & Johnson è una società farmaceutica multinazionale americana che produce farmaci, apparecchiature mediche e prodotti per la cura personale e l'automedicazione. Il quartier generale della società è situato a New Brunswick (New Jersey), USA. La sua divisione prodotti di consumo è situata a Skillman (New Jersey). La società comprende circa 230 filiali che operano in 57 diversi stati. I suoi prodotti sono venduti in 175 diversi paesi. Nella seguente figura è rappresentata la distribuzione nei vari paesi in funzione dell’anno di insediamento: Figura 1: Filiali J & J nel mondo In particolare troviamo: * Europa: Austria, Belgio, Croazia, Finlandia, Francia, Germania, Gran Bretagna, Italia, Olanda, Polonia, Repubblica Ceca, Slovacchia, Slovenia, Svezia, Turchia, Spagna, Portogallo, ecc. * America del Nord: Stati Uniti, Canada. * America del Sud: Brasile, Argentina, Perù, Colombia, Messico, Venezuela, Cile ecc. * Asia: Giappone, India, Cina, , Filippine, Thailandia, ecc. * Oceania: Australia, Nuova Zelanda, ecc. * Africa: Sud Africa, Egitto. La società si presenta con molti brand, tra cui i principali sono: I prodotti che offre coprono una vasta gamma di farmaci di prescrizione e da banco, linee di fasciature e medicazioni,......

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