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Add “Freedom from obesity & Diabetes” in facebook page.
Since obese people are more affected type 2 diabetes, High BP, Heart attack. So include content related to these diseases also in “Realize” Website.
Add description about what is Body mass index, Keep BMI Calculator and infographics about BMI for example increase in BMI led to increased risk of different diseases, BMI classification. Provide visual representation in website instead of more words.
Add “Events” segment in fb page and update event related to weight decrease, obesity etc by Realize, Govt. organization etc.
To register yourself in search console

From the study of national family health survey-4 on 10 states, We have found that obesity is more prone to Urban area in all the states and among these women are more prone to obesity compared to men. Also, it has found that states which are more urbanized and developed contains high percentage of obese people.
Again, it has found that obesity increases with age and people which are age bracket of 30-55 are more prone to obesity
From the study conducted by ICMR in TN, Chandigarh, Jharkhand & Maharashtra, it has inferred that persons having more income and high education status are more prone to obesity. Also, Professional/Big medium & small business, household, skilled labor has high chances of getting obese compared to self-employed or unskilled labour.
It has found that there is increasing trend of overweight and obesity has found in india with high percentage of obese female than male.
It has also found that obese people also contain high health risk of other diseases like Type-2 disease, High blood pressure, Heart attack, Angina, stroke etc. So we can enrich our website with contents related to these diseases.
Thus, our target group for the patient will be Urban, rich & affluent people having age-group of 30-55, minimum...

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