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Jane Elliot’s Experiment

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Jane Elliot’s experiment was quite over the extreme, but it is for some reason a good lesson for those who had never experienced racism in their life. Like she says in her section, students really felt uncomfortable the way they were treated, in a section that they are aware of, or a section that they know it will be over however with people of colors, there is always the possibly for them to encounter racism in the daily basis yet not having the choice of “walking out of the classroom”. I would be devastated if I was the receiving end of that.

Yet until now the problem of racism still exists, not just conflicts with white vs black, but all other races as well. It really is something hard to erase, since racism was something that have existed for years. Being Chinese and Portuguese mixed can sometime be very upsetting. Chinese people won’t see myself as full Chinese, and thinks I’m an outsider when I’m in my Hometown; Macau. And on the other side of the planet in Portugal; Portuguese people see me as tourist, Asian, everything but Portuguese, and they will not accept me as Portuguese like them. It is indeed a very frustrating feeling, seeing as an outsider in my own hometown, or discriminated or looked differently in the country that represents my nationality.

There’s is no way for us to stop racism entirely. But even we can’t achieve that, there are lots of ways we can do to prevent such issue to happen. We should stop being judgmental and really stop looking at people the way we want them to be seen. “There is more than meets the eye”.

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