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Jane Elliott - A Class Divided
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October 13, 2015

Jane Elliott - A Class Divided (You Tube Video)

The Jane Elliott Video was very insightful to how racism is taught through generations of people. I believe the experiment has helped many people including those who want to learn to be fair and just human beings. The children were used as research participants involuntarily, they were at school that day because they were sent by their parents, and they did not go agreeing to be involved in a research project. The children could not get up and freely leave so yes the research was involuntary. The children were not old enough to understand fully the objectives of research however they were smart enough to voice what they had heard and was taught. The results of the documentary featuring Mrs. Elliott and the students did provide valuable information that has helped society and probably will continue to do so for years to come. Today if that was done Mrs. Elliott would probably be fired and lawsuits filed against her and the school in which she taught. I believe the method she used was brilliant, the collars and differentiating between blue and brown eyes, it should be done again in this period and time in a controlled setting. Most of the children did not suffer any harm except the one little guy that suffered from the physical fight. A number of children were hurt inside from not getting extra food or time on the playground or from losing their friends for a little while. The kids were able to feel the plight of people of color for a little while and that is something invaluable. I do not believed the children suffered any mental harm it is children of color that continue to suffer intense and emotional harm.
My question: Knowing that some research is justified how so, that it may not be ethical, to…...

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