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Proposed Topic for Research Paper
Gilbert Lee Gragg
March 4, 2015

Topic #1. Newport News shipbuilding recurring racial and ethical issues regarding treatment of non-white workers.
Topic #2. Consistent questionable treatment of employees at Newport News Shipyard.
Topic #3. Preferential treatment of white employees over black employees at Newport News Shipyard.
I worked at Newport News Shipyard in 2008 as a security guard and unlike recent cases state, treatment showed all workers showing disrespect and racial based jokes at the other group’s expense. A noticeable difference was the education in which the black work force lacked over white counterparts. Such a large workforce with considerable educational and historical backgrounds can lead to tension, especially when a group feels at a disadvantage.
I plan on interviewing some of the management staff, equal opportunity representatives and possible employees in relation to the proposed topics of interest. There are few articles regarding the topics listed, however research conducted by interviewing employees and staff at the shipyard should and will yield the proper amount of needed evidence to conduct a thorough paper. This topic is of interest to me, because I would like to delve deeper into the organizational and psychological aspect to see if only people of non-white origin have wanted to search for a monetary gain and if it should be the company or the individuals that make such statements to be the blame. In other words, shouldn’t the individual pay rather than the company if the company gives training at which point the individual is then responsible for their actions.

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