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Janice Hamilton's The Norman Conquest Of England

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The Norman Conquest of England [600 B.C.E-1154 C.E]
Janice Hamilton's The Norman Conquest of England guides the reader through England and Normandy, before a drastic change happened in the history of these countries. It reveals what happens during the Battle of Hastings and the outcomes. Hamilton has been a freelance writer since 1984. She has written several articles that have appeared in magazines like Canadian Geographic. This book gives the reader a fine understanding of the events that occurred from between 600 B.C.E. to 1154 C.E.
England came about from the term "Engla-land" meaning "Angle land." The Celts arrived around 600 B.C. and took control of the north and west of Great Britain. In A.D. 43, the Romans invaded and ruled for appropriately 400 years until the Roman Empire broke apart. In due time, Germanic tribes settled in and took control of South and East of Great Britain. By the late 700's, England was very vigorous and flourishing which cause Vikings to become attracted. As soon as the Vikings crossed the North Sea to …show more content…
Usually, when I read something, I don’t retain the information at all or for very long but something about how this was written stuck to me. One thing I found interesting that I learned was where the names of England and Normandy originate from. It’s so simple yet I didn’t know it before and I probably wouldn’t have found out for a long time. Another thing I learned was that it is a constant desperate struggle at times to find a king during a time period when kings are dying fast. Basically, most of what is in the summary is what I learned because I’ve reread and gone over it so many times. The internet lists this book as a kids book which kind of makes me feel slightly illiterate but that’s fine. I just could never see myself reading this book as a child. I just recommend this book to anyone of any age who wants a brief but still informative quick read about the Norman conquest of

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