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Janice Miller
Challenges and Security Issue
Instructor: Kevin Gibbon

This is a discussion of businesses not securing their system properly in order to keep hacker out. Having a system that is easy for hacker to get in to would be because somewhere someone sent a malicious file. This here is terrible and could put the business in serious debt, along with the customers.

The malicious file is called W32/wecorl.a virus, if the person who sent the data out, not knowing that they were sending out data, which could possibly cause harm to the system. Johnson and Johnson take full blame for the mistake. Customers were not informed about what was happen with their system. They did know if something was not right with their system. Johnson and Johnson did not warn the customers about this mishap, the customers decided to downloaded the file because they were not warned or told anything different, instead them of warning anyone about svchost.exe was going to be deleted or quarantined. After talking about the deleting, the customers all panic, and decide to download themselves. Due to the fact of what happen, they were scared of losing their assets. In order to keeps things like this from happening again, suggestion should be that they have an every year or two, schedule appointment with someone that is very familiar with computer system, and they know how to do upgrades, on a Computer. Having a situation like this, is more harmful to the customers than the company, now it also can hurt the company in a bad way, especially if it is a big firm and they do business all over the world but it really doesn’t matter rather you are a small company or large you can hurt the business, your data could be floating anywhere.
Is it security in the Cloud? More and more people are now using the tool cloud, big companies have...

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