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Japan women

Nowdays women in Japan have the same rights officialy and are an eaqual part of the society, but the reality is a little bit different. The history of Japan and their culture play a big role in how women are seen and treated as employees and business people.
Womens role started majorly changing during the second world war when 2.5 million men or 17 % of their working population were a part of the armed forces. Women found themselves being fully in charge of their households, but portion of Japanese women had to work men jobs, coalmines, arms factories, steel mills. In 1950ies women not exoected to work for longer then 3.5 years until they “retired”, meaning that they get married or get pregnant and dedicate their live to being a housewife.
1980 women were discriminized at their work place, even tho the law stated that people have to get the same pay for the same job regardless of the sex, women got only slightly above 50% of what men made.
The women role keeps on evolving in the Japanese society. The birth rate in Japan is below 2 per family, which means that the population is decreasing and Japan will have to reach out to women to fill the vacant job positions. Almost half of the population that graduates from an university in Japan are women, but interstingly enought only 67% of this population have jobs. The working women in Japan are more than twice as likely to quit their jobs willingly than american women. They do so because they feel that they are not valued by their boss and becausea lot of times women are given dead end jobs that lead to nowhere. The old fashioned bosses see women as objects that make the office more likeble and as potential wifes for their male employees.
It seems impossible for Japanise women to have kids and a sucessfull career. It is wery expensive to hire a nanny, but to show that you are part of the team you are expected to work overtime every day. Even if you can do your job from your home, you are supposed to be at the office, othervise its assumed that you dont care for your job and the rest of the team. Also women get no help from their husbands in the household life. Women do 4 times more to take care of their household than men. It is the womens duty to deal with the most part of child rising. Its easy to see why women quit their jobs. 66% of women that quit their jobs said that they wouldnt have done so if their job had a flexible working arrangments.

Goldman Sachs has estimated that if Japan reached out and made it easier for women in Japan to work, they would add 8.2m brains to the workforce and expand the economy by 15%, which is equal to twice the motor industry in Japan.

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