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I love to travel. The prospect of seeing new places and creating experiences outside of the world that I am accustomed to always brings joy to me. I like the adventure and the challenges and most especially the wonderful memories that come with the journey.

Being a JASSO international student scholar provides the opportunity not just to learn but also to experience the Japanese culture, learn their language and develop a broader understanding of the relationship between Japan and the Philippines. There are several reasons why Japanese people continue to be progressive as a nation and I think I can learn a lot from them. Their culture amazes me for they are one of the oldest civilizations in the world. They are disciplined people and their values are great examples for us. The things I would learn from them, I will use to aim my life at a higher goal and to reach there with their great values.

I am very interested in going to Japan and if I’d be given the chance as a scholar, I would definitely be prepared to learn and eager to understand, to talk to Japanese people and to eat Japanese food, especially a warm bowl of ramen noodles, which is my favorite.

The three things I like most about the Japanese are their patience, integrity and ingenuity. We all know the devastating earthquake that took place in March of 2012. I was amazed by the perseverance of the country to recover. For instance, people saved their energy and time to fix their own houses and streets and found their place back to new home. Through this, I saw the genuine and hard-working personality of the people and thought we have a lot to emulate from this country. In a world that promotes individuality and materialism, the real value of one’s life seems to have less and less meaning. I believe the Japanese way of life portrays a perfect example of living a simple and yet fulfilled life. It is no...

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