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When we think of Japan in the past 70 years we think of the world leader in automobile manufacturing, beautiful architecture, or the world most amazing sceneries. We think peace. Never would we ever imagine a darker side to this mostly peaceful culture. We refer to a dark side where some of our closest friends and believe by some people, relatives are slaughtered. No, we are not referring to another event such events at Pearl Harbor or other atrocities. We are referring to the slaughter at Taiji Cove. More than 20,000 dolphins are killed or rounded up and sold around the world for aquarium display from this location each year alone.

The smartest animals of the sea and our closest relatives; why kill them. In a season that last from September to March. The local government places a quota on rounding up dolphins and small whales 2,026 per season (Wakatsuk, 2014). Tiaji locals believe it is customary perfectly fine to kill the dolphin. According to CNN locals believe it is no different than killing other animals for meat. (Wakatsuk, 2014). Organizations such as Sea Shepherd are leading the way to end the practice and Japanese leaders that to continue only brings shame and dishonor about the image of Japan (Sea Sheperd, 2014).


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Known for:

Amazing Architecture

Beautiful Sceneries

Best Automobile manufacturing processes in the world

Darker side to Japan

• Not Event such as Peral harbor
• Slaughter at Taiji Cove
• >20,000 Dolphins killed o Food o Aquarium market across the world

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