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The next step after learning a theoretical concept is its implementation in practical grounds. So, to implement the theoretical concept of licensing we have chosen to market Jaquar bath accessories, a world famous Indian brand in the Bangladesh market. In the process of writing this project we have tried to implement all the aspects of licensing with the light of our limited knowledge.

In the recent past most of the people in Bangladesh were not very cautious about the looks and design of the bathrooms; but now a days there is a new trend in our country to build own home or to renovate flat with high quality fittings. So there is grate demand of house fittings in our country. Also now a days people are very much concern about there own bath room and want to decorate there bathroom with high quality fittings with exceptional design with affordable price. So this is a new business trends in our country to import high quality bathroom fittings. But this is much more expensive and also there is no renowned importer of this product. As a result there is no price boundary of that kind of product. So customers are loosing there interest of these kind of bath accessories because of high price or monopoly business. Also many customers want to afford this kind of product but there is no supplier of high quality product. So we are going to bring world famous branded bathroom fittings in our country to meet the demand of the sophisticated customer with low price and high quality and service. We want to bring the world famous Indian brand JAQUAR in our country to meet the demand of the customer.


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