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01 public class Inventory3 {
03 public static void main(String args []) {
04 Inventory invent = new Inventory();
05 Movie dvd;
07 dvd = new Movie("Movie1", 1, "IP Man", 5, 14.95);
08 invent.add(dvd);
09 dvd = new Movie("Movie2", 2, "Book Of Eli", 10, 12.99);
10 invent.add(dvd);
11 dvd = new Movie("Movie3", 3, "Man of Fire", 6, 19.99);
12 invent.add(dvd);
13 dvd = new Movie("Movie4", 4, "The Brothers Grimm", 3, 10.99);
14 invent.add(dvd);
16 invent.display();
17 } //end main
19 } // end class Inventory3
22 class DVD {
23 private int dvdItem;
24 private String dvdTitle;
25 private int dvdStock;
26 private double dvdPrice;
28 public DVD(int item, String title, int stock, double price) {
29 dvdItem = item;
30 dvdTitle = title;
31 dvdStock = stock;
32 dvdPrice = price;
33 } //end four-argument constructor
35 // set DVD Item
36 public void setDvdItem(int item) {
37 dvdItem = item;
38 } //end method set Dvd Item
40 //return DVD Item
41 public int getDvdItem() {
42 return dvdItem;
43 } //end method get Dvd Item
45 //set DVD Title
46 public void setDvdTitle(String title) {
47 dvdTitle = title;
48 } //end method set Dvd Title
50 //return Dvd Title
51 public String getDvdTitle() {
52 return dvdTitle;
53 } //end method get Dvd Title
55 public void setDvdStock(int stock) {
56 dvdStock = stock;
57 } //end method set Dvd Stock
59 //return dvd Stock
60 public int getDvdStock() {
61 return dvdStock;
62 } //end method get Dvd Stock
64 public void setDvdPrice(double price) {
65 dvdPrice = price;
66 } //end method setdvdPrice
68 //return DVD Price
69 public double getDvdPrice() {
70 return dvdPrice;
71 } //end method get Dvd Price
73 //calculate inventory value
74 public double value() {
75 return dvdPrice * dvdStock;
76 } //end method value
78 public String toString() {
79 return String.format("item=%3d title=%-20s units=%3d price=$%6.2f value=$%7.2f",
80 dvdItem, dvdTitle, dvdStock, dvdPrice, value());
81 }
83 } //end class DVD
86 class Movie extends DVD {
87 private String movieTitle;
89 public Movie(String title, int item, String dtitle, int stock, double price) {
90 super(item, dtitle, stock, price);
91 movieTitle = title;
92 }
94 public double value() {
95 double value = getDvdPrice() * getDvdStock();
96 value = 1.05 * value;
97 return value;
98 } //end method value
100 public String toString() {
101 String s = String.format("Movie title=%-12s", movieTitle);
102 s = s + " " + super.toString();
103 return s;
104 }
106 } // end class Movie class Inventory {

107 private DVD[] dvds;
108 private int count;
110 Inventory() {
111 dvds = new DVD[10];
112 count = 0;
113 }
115 public void add(DVD dvd) {
116 dvds[count] = dvd;
117 ++count;
118 sort();
119 }
121 public double entireValue() {
122 double value = 0;
123 for (int i = 0; i < count; i++) {
124 value = value + dvds[i].value();
125 }
126 return value;
127 }
129 public void sort() {
130 for (int index = 1; index < count; index++) {
131 DVD key = dvds[index];
132 int position = index;
134 // Shift larger values to the right
135 while (position > 0 && key.getDvdTitle().compareTo(dvds[position-1].getDvdTitle()) < 0) {
136 dvds[position] = dvds[position-1]; position--;
137 }
138 dvds[position] = key;
139 }
140 }
142 public void display() {
143 System.out.println("\nThe inventory contains " + count + " DVDs\n");
144 for (int i = 0; i < count; i++)
145 System.out.printf("%3d %s\n", i, dvds[i]);
146 System.out.printf("\nThe total inventory value is $%.2f\n\n", entireValue());
147 }
149 } // end class Inventory

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